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Privacy policy

I General Rules

This website is managed by the Brand and Communication Department of the Central Administration of the Riga City Council. By using this website, you have the option to accept the use of cookies on this website and the option to refuse the use of cookies on this website (unless your browser is set to not accept cookies). You should note that if you disable cookies that are absolutely required, the website may not be fully functional. Further information about cookies used on this website can be found here.


II Information about cookies

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers that are downloaded and stored on your computer or other device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) and saved in your browser while you are browsing a website. They may be used to keep track of what pages you visit on a website, to save information you enter or to remember your preferences, such as language settings, when browsing a website.


III Purpose and legal basis for cookies

This website, like many others, uses cookies to help improve your experience and ensure that the website works properly. For more information on the purposes, see the table below. 

When you visit this website, you will be prompted with a message that the website uses cookies. If you accept cookies, the legal basis for the use of cookies is the user’s permission to use certain categories of cookies, and you confirm that you have read the information about cookies, the purposes for which they are used, and the cases in which information is passed on to third parties.

Different types of cookies are used, which are placed by default (e.g. “required” cookies), but for certain cookies that are used, for example, for analytical purposes, we request your consent. By giving your consent in the cookie bar that will be displayed when you visit the website, you choose whether you allow certain categories of cookies to be used.


IV Types of cookies and their uses

We use three categories of cookies, but we only ask for user consent for one of these. You can accept all categories of cookies or just one of them. By accepting a category of cookies, you consent to all cookies in that category (see the detailed list of cookies below). You can change your preferences and decline cookies for which your consent is required at any time.


V List of cookies used on our website vasara.riga.lv

Strictly required cookies – these cookies enable the website to function properly by providing its basic functions. The website will not function properly without these cookies.
Name Purpose Storage period
pll_language Language setting storage 1 year
wrck_cookie_settings Cookie usage settings (user consent) 1 year
wrck_tech Cookie usage settings (user consent) 1 year
wrck_stats Cookie usage settings (user consent) 1 year
contrast Accessibility settings (contrast) 1 year
fontsize Accessibility settings (font size) 1 year


Analytical cookies – the website uses Google Analytics software cookies. These cookies collect anonymous information about the visitor’s activities on the website (e.g. visited page, date and time of visit, etc.), which is used for statistical and analytical purposes, in accordance with the stated purposes.
Accept/Decline Name Purpose Storage period
_ga_W4MQ23HZNV Registers a unique ID which is used to generate statistical data about the visitor’s use of this website 2 years
_ga Uses Google Analytics to control the number of requests 1 day


 When publishing your website’s cookie information on the website, you must indicate your website’s cookies, their type, use and expiry date in a structured table as follows. The table “List of cookies used on our website” shows some of the most popular cookies, their type, use and expiry date only as an example.